Monday, August 30, 2010

(Little) boys night out

Saturday Ian went with 8 boys and 3 adults to a Sounders game for his friend Wyatt's birthday party. They pretty much partied until 12am.
They went to the game in a limo.

Got their hair painted and ate cotton candy. Thankfully it fully washed out - I was little nervous.

Celebrating the win.

The birthday boy asleep on the way home.

I was nervous letting my 5 year old go without me (actually it was one of those moments when you realize your child is old enough to do something and it changes everything, like I relinquished something that night) but clearly it was worth it. Thanks Reddings for taking care of my kid and for showing him a good time!

On another note - memorable quotes from Ian this week:
Me: Ian what do you want to be for Halloween?
Ian: A snowman, with real snow on me.

Ian: Mom, I need to take my shirt off.
Me: Why?
Ian: I'm burning! I'm going to burn up in 10 seconds.

At least he isn't dramatic.


Ashley said...

Dramatic apparently runs in the family. Looks like he had lots of fun at the game though, I'm glad you let him go!

Paulyandmeg said...

Ian's hair looked awesome! Hah and I forgot to tell friend Brittney isn't cutting her son's hair on his first birthday next week..only because she wants it to keep growing and look like Ian's!

Jenn Fox said...

Looks like they had fun! Love Ian's hair!!

Kathy Clay said...

Ian's hair was awesome. I miss my hugs and snuggles first thing in the morning. They were the best thing ever! Especially when Parker's were for her Grandpa! Miss you guys!