Thursday, August 19, 2010


It is always hard coming home from a month at the lake - especially this year because the weather was so perfect and for some reason I seemed to appreciate a lot of the little things I sometimes take for granted - like how fun it is to be able to see all the family, and how ideal the house is on the water, surrounded by trees and a creek - it is a little boys dream.

Pictures to come - I didn't get copies before I left...

My Highlights:
Meeting Zoey. Holding Zoey. Seeing what great parents Meg and Paul are.
Relaxing on the beach - it NEVER gets old to me.
Cami's Surprise visit.
Seeing my grandma, aunts, uncles and cousins.
Tubing - for some reason it was extra fun this year.
The Carrington's reception.
Our getaway to Mirbeau - so completely dreamy (thanks Nicki - you are the best!).
Hiking the falls at filmore glen.
Sewing with Ashley and my mom - so much more fun that way.
Bunkle Wank - Ian's nickname for Uncle Hank. I think it will stick.
Seeing my kids enjoy the lake and watching my family love them to death.

Ian's Highlights:
The water trampoline. Throwing people off and doing rolls down the slide.
Swimming literally 8 hours a day - sometimes he only got out for lunch and dinner.
Playing with his cousins - Devon and Connor are so loving and good with him, Ian has no idea that they are both almost twice his age.
Sleepovers and the drive in with aunt Nicki.
Tubing like a mad man - with the big kids and the adults.
Knee boarding for the first time.
Doing projects with Grandpa, especially ones on the tractor - he always asked to stay home with him when we left to run errands..
His birthday party.
Riding on the boat (he had a favorite spot right in the front) and on the waverunner.
Going to the creek with the boys and catching salamanders.
Marshmallow roasting and sparklers after dinners at Grandma Betty's house.
One day James said he wanted to go home and Ian looked at him and said "this is home".

James' highlights:
Swimming in the water (took him a while to get used to it but once he did he loved it).
Playing with Parker - they were so cute and so naughty sometimes.
Playing in the hottub.
Playing at Mickey Park - a brand new playset my parents finished right before we got there.
Driving his cars up and down the deck.
Telling everyone "no" when they asked for kisses. So charming.
The puppies.

James throwing up on me 4 times on the airplane.
Ian got swimmer's ear.
The frozen cakeballs that I couldn't stop eating.

Thanks mom and dad for another great summer - love you guys!


Greg and Nicole Jensen said...

AHHHHH!!! Barf on a plane is no fun. Micah did that once. We arrived at our destination and he was wearing only a diaper and my sweater. I think I threw away his clothes at the airport.....

laura said...

I love reading about your summers at the lake - it sounds so dreamy!

Kathy Clay said...

It is quiet but not as much fun without you all here to share it with! Miss you guys!