Wednesday, September 29, 2010

For my brother David in Iraq

This is all he gets of the boys for now - so I was thinking that I would make a concerted effort to blog more often and keep him entertained.
So here it goes - the blog for the day: A bit about James
- He calls his front his booty and his back his bum. I CANNOT convince him otherwise.
- He says" Sorry mama, sorry mama, sorry mama" when he does something wrong.
- He makes really goofy faces and rolls his eyes around trying to be funny (think connor at that age).
- He runs and jump tackles his brother from behind (and his brother almost always deserves it).
- He will only say family prayer at night kneeling underneath me and snuggling me.
- He listens to and loves all Ian's chapter books.
- He tells me I should put his bunny up to my ear like he does. When I say "no, it smells" he says - "but this side doesn't smell".
- He subsists on candy and strawberry milk.

I still call him my baby. I shouldn't but I do.


Greg and Nicole Jensen said...

ahhh....sweet James. We just started listening to the BFG in the car! Cool Troll.

Kristine said...

Thanks for posting! Dave is ALWAYS telling me about updates he sees on the family blogs so I know he checks them regularly and LOVES to hear how everyone is...and how they are all growing up so fast!