Saturday, September 25, 2010

Glorious Fall Days

Saturday was one of them. We went to Gas Works Park in Seattle and had a picnic lunch overlooking Lake Union and the city.

There are lots of pipes and crazy stuff for the kids to play on.

The view was pretty fantastic. Ian said his Grandpa Clay would like the sailboats.

Then they both rolled down a really big hill.

We just happened to finish reading The BFG in the car that day so we went to see this not so friendly giant under the bridge (it is actually called the Troll under the bridge). It was really dirty and kind of smelled but Ian thought it was fun to play on.

Please bless we have some more sunny days before winter is really here.


Paulyandmeg said...

Aw that looks like so much fun! And did Jamesy get a haircut? He looks so big!

laura said...

Will you take us here if we come visit? I'm so excited for our boys to play together - let's hope it's before they're into video games and ruined forever.