Wednesday, September 08, 2010


Today Ian started school. I know I thought it was a big deal last year when he started preschool - but this is a REAL school, all day long (Monday, Wednesday, every other Friday), with a cafeteria and a gym and a library and two playgrounds. So, to me, it is kind of a big thing. He has been looking forward to it ever since we met his teacher last week. Yesterday he came screaming in to my room in the morning saying "I start school tomorrow - only one more sleep until I go!)

He even had to bring his own lunch (I actually made chocolate chip cookies last night to put in his lunch - he didn't really notice).

His brother was a little sad to see him go. I wish I could say that James and I did something really fun together while he was gone, but mostly I just canned peaches for the entire 6 hours.
We bought them bunk beds and put them in the same room together. Most nights have been great but tonight they cannot seem to go to sleep, despite my threatening them, and I can hear them kicking the walls and giggling.

One of the reasons I am so excited for Ian is because we waived him in to a school district that has a special program for kids that have birthdays from September-December, so they are the older kids that missed the cut-off for Kindergarten this year. We went back and forth over and over again about whether we should send him to school this year, since he just barely turned five, but this program is the same amount of time as regular kindergarten and teaches the same curriculum so it pretty much seems perfect. The only thing is that we have to drive him to school and he has been begging me to ride the bus.


Kathy Clay said...

The start of Ian's independence! Heart wrenching but so much fun for HIM. He looks so big in his first day picture! Have fun Ian! We love you alot!

laura said...

Exciting! I wish we had a program like that for our October boy. Dying to know what you'll do with the extra room...nursery? Craftroom?