Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Vacation ruined my baby

James has been really attached to me ever since we went to NY for a month. I think maybe he just doesn't adapt to change as well as some. He seemed to be doing a bit better but the other night he was sitting on my lap looking through old blog posts and pictures of himself (a favorite pastime for both of my children) and we came across a family picture where he was sitting on Curt's lap and all the sudden he says, "No! I want to be on mama's lap" and then a picture of Parker pushing him in a stroller and he says "No! I want mama to push my stroller." So now he doesn't even want to be away from me in pictures. Definitely regressing...

On the other hand, I picked Ian up from school yesterday and he said, "Mom, the second day was even better than the first!"

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