Sunday, December 12, 2010

3 (yesterday)

Happy Birthday to James. He is three. And an angel. (No, not really.)

We started out the day opening presents - which is a great way to start out any day.
Then we headed to Tacoma to meet the Penrods for a Chuck E Cheese lunch and some fun.

Then to the Santa train to tell him all about the fun stuff we want for Christmas. Ian went first because he has a lot to say.

James thought is was magical and horrifying all at once, especially when Santa had us stand up so the whole train could sing him the Happy Birthday Song.

But he took the candy cane anyway.

After the cold and rainy train ride, we had cookies and hot chocolate around a warm, wood stove.

Then home for some candles, cupcakes, friends, more presents and lots of cute three-year-old smiles from the birthday boy. Love that kid.

Things I love about Jamesy at 3:
- He giggles while he is playing tag with his brother.
- He insists on playing duck duck goose as our activity every family night.
- He is obsessed with Boba Fett and Lightning McQueen.
- Nothing makes him happier than having "lone time" to play with his toys in peace (he actually asks Ian to leave).
- He LOVES Target. If it were up to him we would go daily. I think he might choose that over going to the park or to a play date.
- He is always aware of where we are in the car and what turns we should be making.
- He is getting to be very affectionate and he tells me I am the best mom ever. Who wouldn't love that.
- He is so fun to buy presents for because he is so excited to open them, screams "this is my favorite" when he does and plays with everything he gets. Christmas is going to be fun.
- He like to put his arms around me and put cover his hands with my hair. He says because my hair is warm.
- He takes my face in both hands and pulls me in for a kiss - on the cheek - he doesn't like lip kissing.

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Kathy Clay said...

Oh James. Getting so big! Santa train ride must be fun. Santa can be a little bit scary. At least James didn't yell Bike from a distance hoping Santa would hear like Ian did!!!!! Can't wait to see you in Feb.!!!