Saturday, December 11, 2010

The tree

Tuesday night we were off to the tree farm to pick out a tree.

There was a huge snowman that blew snow out of his...mustache?

Both boys are so excited about Christmas - but Ian seems to be at the perfect age where he really believes in the magic of Christmas and is also starting to understand the meaning of Christmas. Somehow it makes it even more magical to me.

Me: Ian what else is on your Christmas list for Santa?
Ian: I don't know, maybe Lego Star Wars II.
Me: I didn't know they had that, have you seen it?
Ian: Mom! Santa can make anything - he could even make Lego Star Wars three, four and five.
Me: That sounds like a lot of work, maybe we should stick to things that already exist.


Ashley said...

That tree is huge! Looks great though!

Kathy Clay said...

I missed picking out a tree with you all this year! It looks beautiful! Are there Kissmooses hiding in the branches?