Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas weekend

The WA Leonard cousins in their Christmas Eve finest. Jack (8), Tommy (11), Ian (5), Karina (15), Helena (2), katie (13), Luke (5), James (3).

Christmas Eve eve:
1. The Harry Potter Exhibit. Brilliant.
2. The Gingerbread Exhibit. Brilliant.
3. The Christmas Merry-go-round downtown. Kind of cold.

Christmas Eve:
1. Wrapping presents.
2. Dinner, presents and the Christmas story at Amy/Eric Leonards. So yummy I can't stop thinking about it.
3. Decorating cookies for Santa and leaving the reindeer treats.

1. Waiting for the boys to wake up so we can watch their excitement as they go downstairs. Seriously - 7:15? - they are still amateurs.
2. Lots of squeals of delight.
3. Lots of recycling.
4. Raspberry scones for breakfast.
5. Lots of playing with toys.
6. Grandma Leonard's house for Christmas dinner.
(Ian loved showing off his new mustache and told everyone it was from his aunt the tickle monster - I told him he looked like his Grandpa Clay at 35)

The day after Christmas:
1. So happy to play with all their new stuff. It is like they never want to leave the house again. (Dev and Con - they are reading the Star Wars book in the tent.)

Merry Christmas! Wishing you all the very, very best.

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Kathy Clay said...

cute pjs and cute boys! looks like Christmas was a hit at your house! miss you all!