Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Getting older

This morning we went to Ian's cousin Micah's 4th birthday party. I had no idea how hard it is to take good pictures of kids who can move so fast. Here is how the party went:

First, airplane making and a contest to see whose went the farthest off the back deck -

Second, present unwrapping - because Micah absolutely could not wait another second - Ian thought the wrapping paper was much better than the actual gifts -

Next, a sail boat pinata (I think Nicole was the one to finally hit it open)

Gathering treasure from the ship -

Then there was lunch and the most delicious cake ever (homeade by Nicole). Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of it before it was cut because I was busy feeding Ian.

BEST picture of the day: apparently Sadie is very interested in dressing herself. Here she is wearing two different (boys) shoes and one of the little girl's coats. So cute Sadie!

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