Monday, May 08, 2006

Preferred transportation

Lately, Ian prefers taking walks to the park in his new car (his latest and favorite present from Aunt Nicki).

Once we get to the park all the toddlers come running over to borrow it - Ian is pretty good at sharing so far. You can see that the car is much more fun than the stroller - where Ian has to resort to throwing all his toys over the side to amuse himself (last week we lost three toys this way).

Ian loves the weekend because he gets to spend lots of quality time with his daddy.

Ian cut his first top tooth this weekend (he has two more on the bottom) - when I realized what was happening I got this really nastalgic feeling like he is growing up so quickly and I already miss him.

p.s. see more pictures of our trip to NY on my mom's blog .


Anonymous said...

Ian out on the town, picking up chicks in his sweet ride.

Ash said...

I love those pictures of ian in the car. He looks like such a big boy!!!!