Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Zoo day

Today we met Aunt Ashley at the zoo. It turns out that Ian isn't really interested in looking at animals that are really far away and hard to see. He was, however, very interested in his croc that we bought him at the zoo store.

Infact, this is how exciting the zoo was for Ian.

Here is the real croc that we took a picture of especially for Devon and Connor. Aunt Ashley didn't want to go into the reptile house without them because she is too scared.

So, I won't bore you with lots of animal pictures, but I have to add Ashley's favorite of the day...the pygmy hippo.

And Ian's favorites, the beavers (mostly because they were close enough to see and look a little like a wet Shadow dog).

Baby and mommy.

Here are some random pictures I found on the camera that curt must have taken. Ian is funny.

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