Monday, May 29, 2006

A Memorial weekend

I think this is the first Memorial Day weekend we've stayed in DC so we decided to really live it up. Saturday we explored Annapolis. It turns out that Annapolis is really really cute and only 25 minutes from our house (who knew). First we went to Cantlers to have crab cakes and jumbo shrimp. It is a little outside the city but overlooks the water and has docks so people can come in on their boats and eat. It was so good I can't stop thinking about when we can go there again. Here is the view from the restaurant.

Cute shopping in old town annapolis - you can almost see the water and the pier at the bottom of the hill

A view of the naval academy (actually quite impressive).

Sunday was pretty low-key. We did get to hang out with the Jensens for a while which is always fun.

Monday we had a BBQ in the park with some of our friends. Curt and Mike Qualter had to roll our BBQ there so we would have something to cook on (only two blocks but I think they got some pretty funny looks). Here is Ian getting ready to go.

Ian hanging out with his friend Isaac Cook.

Isabel kissing Elaine.

Lindsay and Isaac (Lindsay just had knee surgery - ouchy).

The boys hanging out.

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Cindy said...

Such a cute baby! When are you guys coming back out to the west coast. I think the Leonards and the McKinneys should migrate to the Puget Sound.