Tuesday, May 16, 2006

New York-diddily-ork

Last weekend Ian and Ashley and I went to NYC to visit Di and to go to my cousin Corissa's bridal shower. Of course I forgot my freakin camera, but di and my mom were nice enough to send me some pics.

Di lives in the cutest little apartment in the most perfect location in Soho. Ian loved walking around the city and looking at everything that was going on.

Friday night we went to the most brilliant dessert store ever - all rice puddings in every flavor possible - it was my dream - I wish I had a picture of it to remember forever.

On Saturday morning we went to a delish bakery for breakfast cupcakes. They were so pretty and melted in your mouth.

Ian preferred the banana pudding for his breakfast (Ian was a little sick all weekend but still such a good baby).

We wanted to stay and hang out with Di all day but we had to make it to Corissa's bridal shower by 1pm. Bye Di - we can't wait to come visit again...

Next we headed a little uptown for Corissa's shower. The food was yummy and Corissa is the darlingest bride-to-be. Ian got to meet his cousin Cece - who is just a month and a half younger than he is and so cute. Here she is with her mom Annmarie and grandma Jeanette.

Ian, of course, made his rounds around the party. Ian with Aunt Celeste...

Ian and Great Grandma Betty...

Ian and Aunt Cami...

Ash and Cece

The Clays

We were so sad that Nicki and Meg couldn't make it - but Meg was busy going to two proms and turning 17. Here she is as the most beautiful prom date ever...

With Mike the night before at the Skaneateles prom (not as her date - that would be gross).

Happy Birthday Meg!

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